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Souria Products
366, chemin d'Aylmer
Gatineau, QC, Canada
J9H 1A7

Phone: (819) 800-1558

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The Souria team: Passionate people

Photo de l'équipe de SouriVélo : Martin Dessureault, Pascal Charbonneau et Désiré Charbonneau

Martin, Pascal and Désiré are the proud developpers of the SOURIA line, consisting of high-end educational, ecological and fair-trade products, all made by local crafstmen.

The Souria Team sticks to its objective of always building superior quality products while respecting the environment.


Conscentious to details, Désiré Charbonneau, our architect and engineer, is commited to design the best there is, in terms of quality, practicality and looks. His motto: "Guys, I won't quit on you until it's perfect!" has already found its way in the current SOURIA line of products. Désiré and the team are even now developping new ideas for the next generation ofmodels.

Pascal Charbonneau

Photo de Pascal Charbonneau dans son atelier de fabrication de vélo d'apprentissage

Photo du vélo d'apprentissage SouriaVélo sur une gallerie de bois

My Story

For more than 10 years, I was an athlete, competing in many marathons and triathlons. I'm thirty-six years of age and am an entrepreneur since the age of 20. I own an ecological products store and have a particular interest in durable goods. The study of biology and human behavior is also one of my main fields.

The Team

The team includes my friend Martin, artist, and my father Désiré, engineer. Last November, I had the idea of developing an ecological learning bike and a rocking horse. We three got together and shared our ideas. Martin found the brand name, I designed the prototypes and my father put the plans on paper. After long work, we finally unveiled the SouriaVélo, a product with elegant lines, colorful, artistic, built locally and that makes kids exercice and learn balance.

My Vision

We are a small business in Quebec that offers quality built, aesthetic design and beneficial for a child's development: learning balance, sense of direction and building confidence while having fun at the same time. For distribution, the first step will consist of finding the most appropriate selling points, then gradually build the business and ultimately create employment.

Martin Dessureault

Photo de Martin Dessureault dans son atelier de fabrication de vélo d'apprentissage

Photo d'un enfant qui s'amuse avec son vélo d'apprentissage

My Story

Art and teaching is my life. I like games, I like to play, I like to have fun at everything I do. At school, I teach music to primary school students. On scene, I play opera roles. As a composer, my instrument is the piano. Often, music is used to support the image, but I prefer letting my music speak for itself : just close your eyes and imagine. In the summer of 2009, my friend Pascal spoke to me of his ecological bike project for kids. I immediately was compeled by the idea. So I took the decision of working on it full time and setting aside other occupations for a while.


Pascal has the knack for business. I know I couldn't go wrong working with him. He seems always to reach what he sets out to do. A very determinded fellow! His father, Désiré, has a lot of talent in what he does. Seeing him work on our ecological project is amazing. He has so much experience. When we all work in the shop, he oversees every little minute aspect; he's really a perfectionist. As for me, with the products' names, I also brought along my enthousiasm and my skills to contribution. We really make a fabulous team, I'm proud to be a part of it.

My Vision

The company name "Souria" is a modification of the word "Surya", meaning "Sun" in Sanskrit. I consider all living thing like wood as a condensation of light energy, all coming from the Sun. At our shop, we work this material to bring it to children. At Souria's, we offer products from the Sun. We hope, Désiré, Pascal and me, that they will bring rays of joy to children while they develop balance and stability.

Désiré Charbonneau

Photo de Désiré Charbonneau dans son atelier de fabrication de vélo d'apprentissage

Photo de Désiré Charbonneau et Martin Dessureault qui assemblent un SouriaVélo

My Story

I'm a man of the outdoors, of the sporty type. My father was a wood carpenter and taught me a lot. So naturally, I'm do-it-yourselfer since an early age, making furniture and crafting all kinds of things. I had the opportunity of working as an architect, building structures, designing and as field supervisor. I aquired a lot of technical experience doing that.

The Team

My idea of team work is basically being able of bringing all our efforts together. Each of us provided their ideas and we put it all in design. When we encountered problems, we consulted a specialist, and such a case was when we asked the help of my brother-in-law Robert, working in bearing mechanics. After that, we could refine and deliver the final product.

My Vision

"If I could just build a big wooden bike for my size, just for me!" It's really wonderful to present a bike entirely made of Canadian hardwood, with a unique style, that teaches kids balance. What I like most about the SouriaVélo is the absence of propelling mechanics to make the bike go. It's much like a scooter for kids, that you propell with both feet on the ground. Every kid love scooters for that very reason. I believe one day the SouriaVélo will put a smile on every child's face.