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Souria Products
366, chemin d'Aylmer
Gatineau, QC, Canada
J9H 1A7

Phone: (819) 800-1558

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SOURIAVELO, a fun, sturdy ecological learning bike

Image of a sturdy ecological learning bike - SOURIAVELO

Ecological. Fun. Rugged wood craft. This is what the SOURIAVELO is about. Designed for children between 2 and 6 to teach them the delicate movements of balance. No pedals needed: it's propelled by putting both feet on the ground! No assistance needed either; just look how quickly and proudly kids will ride this two-wheeler, glowing smile guaranteed ! On top of all, SOURIAVELO is a rugged high-end product, built for years of enjoyment.

Just remember to wear a protective helmet and you're ready to go!


Learning balance in a safe and quick way

Balance and movement icon The SOURIAVELO is a high-end learning bike, rugged, ecological and fun. Children from 2 to 6 will quickly and naturally learn balance on it, with the security of the Souria design.

A superior quality learning bike

Not only a work of art, but a valuable and sturdy tool as well, to learn balance, coordination and movement.

Helps in developing mobility

When riding the bike, your child will automatically learn how to use his legs for propulsion and use his arms for handling the trajectory. It's all about learning coordination and having fun!

An effective way to go around

The Souria bike is a very effective and healthy way for your child to move around, developing muscles and maintaining healthy cardio-vascular functions


Your child will want to exercice

Icon of Fun A child needs exercice to develop correctly, both physically and psychologically.

Learning balance is very dear to a child:

Don't show him how; just offer him a SOURIAVELO and watch him go. Quickly and surely, your child will demonstrate how proud he is as he learns to ride the bike. He'll learn how to smile as well!

Healthy heart, strong muscles

As soon as balance is acquired, the SOURIAVELO becomes a favorite means of transportation. Muscles, heart, balance, coordination - everything is there for a healthy development of a child. The child doesn't even need to know anything before riding a Souria bike. It's as simple as walking, trial and error is safe and mostly, fun.

Image of an Oak tree during the fall season - SOURIAVELOO is made of Oak wood



Environment and recycling logo

Flat free learning bike tire

Learning Bike seat cover and Handles covers
Built with eco-friendly materials, SOURIAVELO respects nature and the environment. Its chassis and wheels are exclusively made of North-American red oak - a red-color hardwood. No varnish, no enamel. Strictly ecological treatment based on double-boiled linseed oil - surpassing the best wood treatment available.


SOURIAVELO's 12 inch tires are airless. The pressure equivalence is 60 psi.
Free of any cancer causing substance, these Amerityre brand tires are made of polyurethane - the same material used for a baby's pacifier:

it's safe and recyclable. Since it's also UV-proof, it won't crack over time.


Hand-made, the nautical leather bike saddle & handles cover is UV proof. Both Elegant and comfortable: the nautical leather is scratch-proof. You can easily clean it with a sponge and soft soap - it's that simple. Avoid detergents, solvents and spot removers. For confort the seat cover is padded with wool felt.

Show your true color! Whether red, yellow, blue and purple, your SOURIAVELO saddle & handles cover will add a distinctive touch to the ride.


SOURIA products are made with quality materials. SOURIA products offers a 12-month warranty over any material or assembly defect. However, the warranty does not cover accidents or non-authorized modifications, the dammage caused by an improper usage or lack of maintenance and the normal wear of assembly parts. The original receipt and the warranty certificat is required for a warranty claim. The service covered by the warraty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective parts.